Grantor Name: State of AZ Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund II: Summer Enrichment Programming

Program Name: Summer 2023 Level Up by New Pathways for Youth Program

Recipient Name: New Pathways for Youth

Overview of Use of Funds: Good Works Grant Writing is thrilled to congratulate our client, New Pathways for Youth, for being selected to receive a generous $143,000 Summer Enrichment Programming government grant from the State of AZ Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund II! This government grant will help New Pathways for Youth’s Summer 2023 Level Up Program to engage 350 low-income, largely BIPOC, Phoenix students in free summer enrichment programming from May through August 2023. Level Up will integrate research-informed academic, social, and emotional services to address the lasting educational disparities caused by COVID-19 that continue to impact Phoenix’s most low-income, high-risk, middle and high school students. Funding will specifically support Summer 2023 Level Up Program personnel responsible for providing New Pathways for Youth’s summer enrichment programming.

Overview of Grant Objective/Impact: Through the integration of mentoring, socio-emotional learning, college and career planning, and goal setting and case management, New Pathways for Youth’s Summer 2023 Level Up Program will address the education disparities disproportionately impacting the achievement of low-income, BIPOC students in their community, particularly those exposed to three or more Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Through life-changing mentor relationships, lasting a minimum of one year and an average of four, New Pathways for Youth participants develop life skills, acquire and effectively apply knowledge, and identify, address, and cope with ACEs in healthy, constructive ways. New Pathways for Youth’s community-rooted approach to mentoring builds youths’ sense of belonging, exposes youth to a network of peer support and nurturing adults, and fosters self-accountability – all key components to increasing positive personal, professional, and academic outcomes.