Grant Writing

Our job, simply put, is to earn our clients’ money while saving them time.

The Good Works Grants Writing Team knows that nonprofit staff are often overworked and stretched too thin. Due to limited resources in most nonprofits, there are often competing priorities. Grant writing and managing a grants program is a time-consuming, deadline-driven endeavor. Fortunately, we are here to help! We coordinate the management of our clients’ grant programs, enabling them and their team to concentrate on other top priorities.

Grant Writing

The most important factor of successful fundraising is to write a compelling narrative for prospects and donors that convincingly illustrates the important work that their donations will fuel. The Good Works Grants team will draft persuasive copy for our clients to share with their prospects and donors, including, but not limited to, proposals, letters of intent, progress reports, and cases for support. We undertake the heavy lifting of managing a grants program while coaching our clients on how to best build relationships with potential funders.

Good Works Grant Writing works with our clients on a monthly retainer basis. By providing ongoing grant writing support, we ensure our clients are submitting prioritizing their grants program throughout the year and soliciting and securing funding on a continual basis. Each client is assigned a Good Works team that works to help them achieve their grant program goals.

The following services are included in our monthly retainer fee*:

Proposal & Report Writing

When a client comes on retainer with Good Works Grant Writing, they determine the average number of documents they would like drafted in a month. The assigned account manager oversees the proposal and report writing service from supplying the initial draft, through revisions and ultimately submission. All documents we write are expressly assigned by the client and all documents we submit on behalf of our clients are expressly approved prior to submission. Documents include, but are not limited to, proposals, letters of inquiry and progress reports.** Good Works seasoned copy editor works on all documents prior to the initial draft going to the client.

Continual Prospect Research

On a monthly basis, Good Works prospect researcher reviews a variety of current Request for Proposal (RFP) lists, alerting clients to upcoming opportunities that might be a good fit for their organizations. In addition, should the client request prospect research for a particular program, new geographic area, or target population, our prospect researcher will search for additional prospects for them. This is most often employed when clients are launching new endeavors.

Strategy Sessions

Every month, we have a grant meeting with each client to strategize cultivation and solicitation plans for top prospects, review the cultivation workload for the coming month, and discuss upcoming progress reports.

Calendar Maintenance and Goal Tracking

Good Works manages the grant solicitation and progress reporting calendar(s), ensuring that we are maintaining a robust number of prospective funders in the pipeline and that we are submitting proposals and progress reports on time. In addition, we work with each client at the beginning of their fiscal year to create a Grants Dashboard to monitor progress towards goals. These dashboards are reviewed with clients at their monthly strategy meeting.


*Clients on a retainer sign an annual contract that has a 30-day out clause.
** Documents in excess of 10 pages count as two documents. Federal proposals are not included in the retainer contract but can be bid out separately.

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