Grant Review & Recommendation

Good Works Grant Writing provides peer grant review services to help nonprofits polish internally-drafted proposals. Whether the proposal is drafted by a seasoned, on-staff grant writer or a volunteer trying out their grant writing prowess for the first time, Good Works’ grant writing experts are available to help strengthen clients’ particularly important proposals. Our staff will review your document, not only providing recommendations on how to clarify language but also alerting clients on when information is incomplete and would leave the official grant reviewers with questions or concerns. We require a minimum of two business days to complete the review process.

Grant Review and Recommendation Services Process

Information exchange

We gather your proposal, the funder’s guidelines, history of the funder and any other pertinent information. Then, we discuss a timeline, expectations and the criteria we will be using when analyzing the proposal.

Review and Recommendations

We will review the proposal and make edits, while tracking the recommended changes. We will discuss any unclear sections with the client and the best way to clean up certain sections of the proposal. We will then present our recommendations based on the key elements of a strong proposal and the funder’s guidelines.

Final Review (Optional)

Once the client has made edits to the proposal based on our recommendations, we can review the proposal a final time for grammatical issues, sentence structure and overall clarity.

Curious about what makes a strong proposal?

Free Download: Key Elements of a Strong Proposal

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