Grantor Name: Thunderbirds Charities

Program Name: Elaine’s Transportation Assistance Program

Grant Amount: $60,000

Recipient Name: Elaine

Overview of Use of Funds: Good Works Grant Writing is overjoyed to congratulate our client, Elaine, for being selected to receive a $60,000 grant from Thunderbirds Charities. Thunderbirds’ funding will support Elaine’s Transportation Assistance Program (TAP), which takes Arizona’s at-risk and underserved individuals to critical social and community services. TAP provides transportation for extremely low-income individuals and people experiencing homelessness to services that improve their access to the Social Determinants of Health.

Overview of Grant Objective/Impact: Research shows that access to transportation is the most influential factor in whether or not someone can escape poverty or homelessness. By providing empathetic and accessible transportation, TAP reduces barriers to the Social Determinants of Health, increasing access to healthcare, food, employment, housing, and social cohesion. TAP is the only program of its kind in Maricopa County and helps Phoenix’s underserved make tremendous strides in their health and well-being, ultimately helping to shape safer and healthier communities.