Grantor Name: Arizona Veterans’ Donation Fund

Program Name: Whole-Body Cryotherapy Program

Grant Amount: $25,000

Recipient Name: Cryotherapy For Veterans

Overview of Use of Funds: Good Works Grant Writing is overjoyed to congratulate our client, Cryotherapy For Veterans, for being selected to receive a $25,000 grant from the Arizona Veterans’ Donation Fund! Cryotherapy For Veterans is a nonprofit that seeks to restore the quality of life holistically and drastically minimize pain for veterans through their Whole-Body Cryotherapy Program. With funding from the AZ Veterans’ Donation Fund, Cryotherapy for Veterans can provide 200 months of treatment (2,400 sessions) at no charge to AZ veterans. Depending on how long the participating veterans elect to continue treatment, this grant could fully fund the treatment of 50-75 veterans!

Overview of Grant Objective/Impact: Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy,” is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold air for 2-3 minutes, three times a week for a minimum of four weeks and typically up to 120 days. The resulting health benefits include the reduction of migraine and fatigue symptoms, mood disorders, and nerve irritation, and improved quality of sleep. This can be transformative for veterans experiencing pain due to physical injuries or PTSD. The Whole-Body Cryotherapy Program is designed to provide an alternative way to help the mind, body, and spirit potentially recover from pain versus taking pain medications, substance abuse, or destructive behaviors. Cryotherapy For Veterans provides services at no cost to veterans.