Foundation/Grantor Name: Valley of the Sun United Way

Program Name: Youth Technology Assistance

Grant Amount: $17,500

Nonprofit/Recipient Name: New Pathways for Youth

Overview of Use of Funds: New Pathways for Youth will utilize funding to provide immediate, individualized support to mitigate technology needs and to address learning environment gaps for 400 youth experiencing poverty and adversity in Maricopa County.Funding will be applied to staff salaries, volunteer mentor training, travel and communication expenses, and any supplemental supplies necessary to provide needed technology assistance.

Overview of Grant Objective/Impact: Considering New Pathways for Youth participants are the most prone to difficulties engaging in virtual learning during the pandemic, this comprehensive support assists youth in addressing technology and learning environment needs magnified by the COVID-19 crisis. Crafted as a responsive measure, this support is specifically designed to help youth achieve the following outcomes: (1) New and/or increased access to internet-connected technologies; (2) Improved technological skills and applications; (3) Increased online academic and professional development resources; and (4) Enhanced college and career readiness.