The Good Works Grant Writing team's work processes and decision-making are guided by the following company values:


The Good Works Grant Writing team knows that nonprofit staff are often overwhelmed and overworked. Stretched thin, development staff often have to overlook or underperform on important projects because of competing priorities. Managing a grants program is a time-consuming, deadline-driven endeavor - one that often forces nonprofit managers to push back other non-deadline-driven, but equally important, initiatives. The Good Works Grant Writing team takes the heavy lifting of managing a grants program off our clients' plates and works daily to make their role in the grants program as easy as possible so that they can concentrate on other top priorities.


Good Works Grant Writing team members pride ourselves in developing compelling, persuasive communications for our clients' prospects that convincingly illustrate the important work their donations will fund. We strive for excellence not only in our work product but also in the ethical manner we conduct business and in our interactions with clients and the community.


At the end of the day, the most important measurement of our success is the level of funding raised for our clients. The Good Works Grant Writing team aims to achieve high funding rates for our clients. To accomplish this, we must ensure we find strong prospective funders for clients through our prospect research, provide advice and guidance in ways to improve clients' programs, painstakingly research and remain up to date on the need for each program, write compelling proposals and reports, and coach clients on building relationships with prospects.